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Hey, I’m Emmie and I’m a digital growth strategist.

I’ve spent the last 20 years, setting up, scaling and successfully selling multiple businesses in digital, marketing and tech.

Which means I know how you feel as a founder!

I know how overwhelming it feels to be doing everything in your business, while trying to decipher what it is you’re supposed to be doing to grow.

That’s why I created this eBook. To distill everything I’ve learned building and exiting businesses and raising finance - including £200k from the Dragons Den - so that you can avoid the common and expensive mistakes, and grow your business and life faster.

What Others Are Saying...

“Generous, fun and helpful.”

“Emmie can always be counted on to deliver a digital marketing strategy that works – and sells.

The A-Z of Growth is packed with Emmie’s expert tips, energy and experience together with the spirit of collaboration and connection she brings to everything she does. It also weaves in Emmie’s personal stories and snapshots of her success.

This is generous, fun and helpful. Thank you Emmie.”

- Antonia Taylor
Founder, Antonia Taylor PR

“I’m now feeling a lot more confident about my business.”

“I can’t recommend Emmie highly enough. She goes above and beyond for her clients. In a short space of time she helped me to plan and build an online membership site that I’ve been wanting to do for the last 2 years!

I was able to focus on the “mission-critical” tasks and get so much done each week. Alongside that, we worked on branding and marketing, reviewed current products and put in place a new payments system that made the process so much easier for my customers.

Before working with Emmie, I didn’t have a solid foundation for my business or a good digital offering and now I have both. I’m feeling a lot more confident about the future of my business!”

- Anika Awasthi
Founder, Grad Careers Coach

“No-nonsense, results
driven, and fun.”

“A highly recommended strategic marketeer and business coach, Emmie is a force to be reckoned with. She swooped into my business and in many ways transformed it, giving me the direction and tools that I needed to get real and tangible results.

This included securing a new round of funding, creating a solid business plan and rebuilding our product.

I had several consultants before but none was as no-nonsense, results driven or as fun to work with as Emmie and I’m now proud to call her a friend. A huge ‘thanks’!”

- Suzann Bozorgi
Founder, RoomLab

Here’s the truth - building a business isn’t easy, even at the best of times.

And when I say I’ve been there, done it, and got the t-shirt, I mean it.

I’ve experienced the highs.

I’ve started, built, and sold businesses.

But I’ve experienced the lows too.

I’ve had businesses fail, partnerships ruined, and I’ve worked more than my fair share of 25 hour days…

I’ve condensed the most critical and impactful lessons I’ve learned from two decades ‘in the trenches’ into this powerful A-Z Guide.

So that wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, you can unlock the hidden growth levers inside your business and master digital, business, and personal growth.

Your FREE COPY Will Be Sent Instantly to the Email Address You Submit Below