Learning, purpose, relationships, processes and personal development - the key to a successful scaleup?


In the video above, I am with Anthony Rose founder of SeedLegals an amazing platform that helps startups and investors complete the legal needed to build, grow and fund their business, at a fraction of the cost of using a law firm (you can watch the interview on LinkedIn if you prefer).

We talked about:

✅ How Anthony came up with the idea for Seedlegals and why it's much needed

✅ The problem that Seedlegals solves for both founders and investors

✅ Seedlegal's strategy for acquiring new clients to the platform

✅ How Anthony is helping both investors and founders to get funded faster and more cost-effectively and much more

So many of my clients and connections use SeedLegals (and in fact, I've used it too as an investor) - I'm blown away by how they make everything seem so simple! It was great to partner with them to deliver a Founders networking session in celebration of IWD.

Clubhouse Top Tips from Founders

We had an amazing panel in The Scaleup Room last Thursday on Clubhouse and my co-host, Hannah Forbes, and I were joined by Mary Agbesanwa, Fintech Consultant and Founder of Now You're Talking Network, Rachel Carrell, founder of Koru Kids and Ryan Palmer, co-founder of London Sock Company. (Find all my Clubhouse rooms here)

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Incredible insights, stories, and advice. Make sure you come and join us next week.

Closing insights from the panel - one piece of advice for founders

  • Always be learning - Rachel Carrell
  • Purpose - Ryan Palmer (what problem are you trying to solve - what is the why? Why are you doing what you are doing?)
  • Relationship building - give + take relationship - Hannah Forbes
  • Automating processes save time and 80% income from 20% of your efforts -Mary Agbesanwa.
  • Invest in yourself - getting a coach or mentor can help short-cut your learnings - Reza Hooda
  • Be generous, add value and collaborate - strategic partnerships have been massive for my business Emmie Faust

Digital Women Awards 🎉🤩

I've been in digital marketing + growth for over 20 years and it feels amazing to be recognized for my hard work having been shortlisted for 3 awards! A big congratulations and best of luck to the 40 other talented women that have been shortlisted alongside me:

➡︎ Digital Woman of the Year 2021,

➡︎ Female-led Community for Growth Co Lab and Marketing ladies that I set up during lockdown

➡︎ Digital Mother of the Year - 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧

I always talk to my clients about the importance of applying for awards and the benefits that bring, (but rarely have time to do so for myself). More on that next week.

Strategic Networking

This is MASSIVE - tapping into networks in a strategic manner for business growth. Harvard Business Review talks about it and this week I got to run a Masterclass on it for a group of female founders in various accelerators. Networking is critical for success if you are a leader - you can't do it on your own!

This is a topic I am super passionate 😍 about so watch this space as I continue to share more. And if you're a female founder and we're not already connected please reach out and I can share some networks with you (including my own Growth Co Lab)

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Wow, have you had a busy week too? I feel like a new person with so much more time now my 4 kiddies are back at school/nursery.

There is so much great content coming out of the Clubhouse sessions I'll be sure to share it here and I'm working on this newsletter too, working out how I can refine it, make it better, add more value. How can I make it better? DM me and let me know.

Connect with me here.


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