What do your parents think you do?

personal growth Jan 26, 2021

I still don’t think my parents fully understand what I do.

I tried explaining it to them recently as they returned reassuring smiles and gentle nods, but when pressed, I’m fairly sure they’d just say I do “something with the internet”.

They weren’t even that impressed when I told them I was going on Dragons Den. Probably because we grew up without a TV, and neither of them really knew what it was. My Dad often tells me how much he loves reading my testimonials now though.

A few months ago, I spent time looking at the work I was doing with clients to better understand where I was able to provide the most value.

Having run my own marketing agency for the best part of a decade, it didn’t take me long to come up with the answer:

I help service-based entrepreneurs to rapidly increase their revenue and exponentially grow their profits - all while spending less time ‘in’ the business.

My agency experience meant I had real-world experience in a service-based environment and when I stopped and looked at which of my clients were getting the best results from my consulting, it was those delivering a service.

Take one client who, NAME, in the few months we’ve been working together, has TRIPLED her revenue.

Or another who’ve saved so much of the money they were spending on marketing, they’ve seen an eightfold return on their investment in working with me.

The biggest impact has come from our focus on their customer journeys.

If you can make improvements at one or two of your touchpoints, you’ll see a big difference.

But when you make improvements at all of your touchpoints, the compound effect is HUGE.

If you run a service-based business, and you’d like some clarity on what working together might look like, simply click here to book a 30-minute discovery session in my diary.




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