What most people don’t realise about LinkedIn

digital growth Jan 06, 2021

I’ve got a confession to make...

There was a point where I just really didn’t get the fuss about LinkedIn.

It seemed a bit too ‘corporate’ for me. And let’s be honest, most people were just using it as somewhere to host their CV online.

But it’s in my nature to try and solve problems.

So a while back, I decided to take it seriously, dive in, and deploy the same strategies I’d used in other parts of my life and businesses.

Now I LOVE LinkedIn, and you should too.

First of all, the numbers speak for themselves.

  • The platform now boasts a whopping 500million users - 250million of whom are active every single month.
  • It’s hands down the #1 channel for B2B marketers, with 80% of B2B leads that originate from social media, coming from LinkedIn.

This doesn’t mean you should rule it out if you’re serving B2C. With that user volume, you can still get incredible results if you’ve got an interesting offering.

But here’s the thing that should really make you sit up and take notice:

Only 1% of LinkedIn users are sharing posts!

This means there’s less competition than there is on the likes of Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

And with everyone from big brands right through to startups on LinkedIn, there’s a huge opportunity for you to leverage right now.

Because if I told you there was a way you could travel back in time and get in early on Facebook or Instagram when it was easy to grow your audience, you’d probably bite my arm off.

Well, that’s the stage LinkedIn is at right now.

They want you to post content - and the algorithm will reward those who do by helping them get reach, engagement, and followers.

Here’s a couple of ways you can succeed on LinkedIn:

#1. Showcase your skills.

What’s the point in being good at something if your potential customers don’t know about it?

There’s a whole section on your profile dedicated to your skills. Pick your top 10 and showcase them here for all your profile visitors to see.


#2. Ask for recommendations and endorsements.

These are a fantastic (and easy to get) example of social proof which will show other LinkedIn users that you’re trustworthy and credible.

LinkedIn makes it super simple for you to request recommendations from others, and you can even offer to give them back in return.

My advice - make sure you’re picky with who you give recommendations too. The last thing you want is someone you’ve recommended doing a bad job for someone who trusted your advice.

There’s one to bear in mind when it comes to LinkedIn:

You can’t just flick a switch and wait for all your new business to roll in from LinkedIn - even with a rockstar profile.

It can take some time to start getting results but don’t lose faith.

Stick to this simple process:

  • Create quality content - this helps you to create awareness and establish your authority.
  • Reach out - some leads are going to come to you, but you should also be proactively outreaching. Use Sales Navigator to filter down by industries and job titles to find your perfect customers.
  • Build relationships - it’s not just about posting content. Engage with others, read their profiles, comment on their posts.

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