Incredible ways to raise the bar on your PR: top hacks from 3 experts


PR can often be mystifying to businesses. Do you ever struggle to know how to make it work? 


Everyone wants good PR. It's such a good way to raise your visibility and get in front of a bigger audience.


When some clients I’ve spoken to are scaling, they sometimes say they’re stuck and can’t get any bigger. It’s usually because they haven’t previously done the brand awareness and top of funnel marketing activity. 


It’s so critical that we focus on more than one marketing channel e.g. not just doing Facebook ads and putting all our eggs in one basket.

There are so many channels and did you know PR is at the TOP of the funnel. 


H2: What is the role of PR?


  • PR gets people in: I love Laura’s analogy here:  “PR is like sprinkling the magic dust right at the top of your sales funnelthen your marketing machine kicks in.


  • Drive eyeballs: PR is all about driving eyeballs to...
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