Learning, purpose, relationships, processes and personal development - the key to a successful scaleup?


In the video above, I am with Anthony Rose founder of SeedLegals an amazing platform that helps startups and investors complete the legal needed to build, grow and fund their business, at a fraction of the cost of using a law firm (you can watch the interview on LinkedIn if you prefer).

We talked about:

How Anthony came up with the idea for Seedlegals and why it's much needed

The problem that Seedlegals solves for both founders and investors

Seedlegal's strategy for acquiring new clients to the platform

How Anthony is helping both investors and founders to get funded faster and more cost-effectively and much more

So many of my clients and connections use SeedLegals (and in fact, I've used it too as an investor) - I'm blown away by how they make everything seem so simple! It was great to partner with them to deliver a Founders networking session in celebration of IWD.

Clubhouse Top Tips from Founders

We had an amazing panel in The...

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What do your parents think you do?

personal growth Jan 26, 2021

I still don’t think my parents fully understand what I do.

I tried explaining it to them recently as they returned reassuring smiles and gentle nods, but when pressed, I’m fairly sure they’d just say I do “something with the internet”.

They weren’t even that impressed when I told them I was going on Dragons Den. Probably because we grew up without a TV, and neither of them really knew what it was. My Dad often tells me how much he loves reading my testimonials now though.

A few months ago, I spent time looking at the work I was doing with clients to better understand where I was able to provide the most value.

Having run my own marketing agency for the best part of a decade, it didn’t take me long to come up with the answer:

I help service-based entrepreneurs to rapidly increase their revenue and exponentially grow their profits - all while spending less time ‘in’ the business.

My agency experience meant I had real-world...

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Ever feel like you’re not good enough?

personal growth Dec 16, 2020

Ever get the feeling that you haven’t got what it takes to run a business?

I know I used to.

I remember sitting down for lunch with one of my friends.

It was last year, so it was an altogether different affair to eating out now.

She had a great job which she loved, and while she didn’t have any desire to run a business, she was always curious as to how I was getting on.

She’d often ask me why I was so harsh on myself when it came to what I’d achieved as an entrepreneur.

And between us, I never had a good answer for her.

I guess, I just always felt like there were others out there who were doing the whole ‘business’ thing better than I was.

All of that despite having spent 20 years in business, building some great brands in the digital, marketing, and tech spaces - and selling businesses along the way too.

Plus successfully raising £200k on Dragon’s Den; although that business ended up failing in the end. 

More on that another...

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